Legend of The Castle Predjama

Legend of The Castle Predjama

In Slovenia lies a very unique castle named The Predjama Castle (literally meaning ‘before-cave’). It is located in the village of Predjama and was once very significant building in the historical region of Inner Carniola.

The castle might look like an ordinary castle on the first sight, but what makes it so unique is the fact that a major part of the castle is hidden inside the cave.

The castle became known as the seat of the knight Erazem Lueger or Erazem Predjamski, lord of the castle in the 15th century and a renowned robber baron. He was the son of the Nicholas Lueger the Imperial Governor of Trieste and captain of imperial guard of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III.

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After the death of Andrej, Erazems friend, he promised allegiance to Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus.

From the Castle Predjama Hungarian horsemen under the leadership of Erazem attacked Trieste twice. The Castle Predjama became a stronghold of  Matthias Corvinus for his expedition to the west. Matthias Corvinus owned more then half of Slovenian teritorry and because of that reason Trieste governor began the long siege of the cave.

Months have passed and they couldn’t figure out the way inside the castle. It is said that Erazem was mocking the soldiers by throwing them cherries off the wall. Soldiers even started to say it is devils work since cherries didn’t blossom for another month on this side of the mountain. But Erazem had a secret. It was a passage to the other side where climate was a lot more favorable.

At the end Erazem was killed after a long siege. He was betrayed by one of his men that lighted a candle is his room, gave up the position of Erazem where he was killed by the shot from a cannon.

The Habsburgs burned the castle down. But in order to destroy inspiring story where Erazem is mocking them, they made up a story of a robber baron who died on the toilet.

But the legend of the Erazem isn’t all the castle is known for. It has been said that castle is haunted. When the castle is closed to the public, the stuff has reported weird noises from the cave, even screaming from the part of the cave where torture chamber was situated.


But that’s up to you to decide after you visit of course. If you are interested in medieval times, I’d suggest you to visit in summer when Erazem knight tournament is taking place.

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